We work from a palette of high-end metal alloys and coatings, ensuring that our components are manufactured from the best, most appropriate materials possible.

Conventional materials

Our valves come in two different types of titanium, depending on what level of strength and temperature resistance is required. We use titanium for our spring retainers, beryllium copper for our valve seats and valve guides, and various types of steel (medium alloy, chrome nickel and maraging) for such items as rocker arms, finger followers and bucket tappets. Our watch parts, meanwhile, are made of aluminum coated with a ceramic that can be colored black, brown, or gray. 

Metal matrix composites

Years of working with cutting-edge titanium and aluminum alloys naturally led us to the next generation of materials, our aluminum metal matrix composites (MMC). The composites are lightweight like aluminum, with the strength and stiffness of heavier metals like titanium and steel.

Up till now, MMCs have been treated as an exotic material, with correspondingly exotic pricing. But Del West manufactures and processes the composites so that they are affordable alternatives for existing aluminum applications, and possibly titanium and steel ones as well.

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