Series Production Valves

Racing teams and our street customers share this in common: they know to expect only the best from us.

All our valves are forged and contain no welds. And we don’t stop there. Each valve is fully CNC-machined or CNC-ground – we leave no surfaces in the undesirable “as forged” condition.


We create each valve from one piece of material. There are no “bi-metal” solutions. The materials we offer include:

  • Ti 6Al-4V
  • Ti 6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo-0.2 Si
  • Nimonic 80A
  • 21-4N Stainless Steel
Wear Protection

We offer wear protection on all series production valves, using a physical vapor deposition process (PVD) to apply a chrome nitride (CrN) coating via cathodic arc. This is the highest technology wear protection offered in the market today, and the same coating that protects valves used by F1 racing teams.

Hollow Stem Design

Some manufacturers want solid stem valves. For those who prefer hollow stem, we take extra steps to ensure the part is as light, and yet as sturdy, as possible.

  • Each hollow-stem valve is fully gun-drilled and the cavity is sealed via Del West’s proprietary process.
  • Where desired (such as exhaust valves created for a turbo-charged motor), we can fill the hollow portion with sodium before sealing the cavity. This allows the valve head to operate at a much-reduced temperature.