Retainers and Keepers Now Available for Off-Road Motorcycles

Del West Powersports now offers titanium retainers and keepers for off-road motorcycles, the company announced today.

The retainers and keepers are designed to work with both Del West and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) valves. They were first presented publicly at last month’s Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, Ind.

“The reviews from the dealers and distributors were phenomenal,” said Shannon Decker, brand manager for Del West Powersports. “Everyone was very impressed with our concept of creating maximum efficiency in the valve-retainer-keeper interface.”

The OEM interface, Decker explained, is extremely inefficient, due in large part to the way the keepers and retainers are manufactured: machines stamp the metal into shape. Del West puts the metal into a machine that cuts it into a precise shape. The Del West components are also made of titanium, as opposed to the steel OEM parts.

“Our retainers and keepers lock in place,” Decker said. “That’s what creates the efficiency. There’s no wobble like with the OEM packages.”

The retainers and keepers can be purchased as a package with the valves, or bought separately from the valves.
Del West plans to roll out its entire line of off-road retainers and keepers over the course of 2012. In addition, the company will soon offer retainer-keeper-springs packages for street bikes and UTV applications.

For more information on current availability, contact your Parts Unlimited dealer, specialty engine shop or Del West directly.

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