Finger Followers and Rocker Arms

We work with only the highest quality alloys and control all aspect of our designs.

Finger Followers

Our control of the pad shape through precision grinding is what sets our finger followers apart from the rest. We offer both continuous radius pad designs as well as fully variable radius pad designs. We also specialize in surface preparation of the critical surfaces in order to best apply a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating that adheres well. This DLC coating was developed at Del West and is applied in our own coating chambers. This offers the optimal performance against both the cam lobe and the shim/cap on top of the valve.


We offer our rockers in both “flat” pad design and a roller rocker design — whatever best matches your engine-building philosophy. Our insistence on precision and attention to detail ensures that you receive the best rocker possible.

Both products allow for:

• Very aggressive cam accelerations
• Significant decreases in reciprocating mass through design
• Improved pad life when DLC-coated via superior DLC adherence
• Improved roller performance through superior control of the bearing choice for the roller

Please speak with a Del West engineer to understand what is right for your application.

Del West. Precisely.