DW Powersports to Preview Street Bike Valves at 2012 Dealer Expo

Del West Powersports will display its new quad components and a prototype replacement valve for a Suzuki street bike at this month’s Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana, the company announced today.

The booth will show off the manufacturer’s entire line of after-market replacement, titanium valves, retainers and keepers, including products for a wide range of off-road motorcycles.

Back home in California, the factory is working on a valvetrain package for the Suzuki GSXR-1000 street bike. A prototype of the inlet valve will be on display in the booth in Indy.

“This will be our third year at this show,” said Brad Taflinger, vice president of operations for Del West USA. “People come by and are very interested in finding a better source for replacement valves. This year, we’re also going to have replacement valves for the popular ATV machines.”

The booth will also showcase new, clear, plastic packaging for the retainers and keepers. “The cool thing,” Taflinger said, “is this packaging is perforated. People can pull out one or two or however many the customer ordered. Plus, it’s space efficient and doesn’t take up as much room on a shelf as the cardboard boxes we used to use.”

Joining Taflinger in the booth will be Shannon Decker, brand manager for Del West Powersports.

The 2012 Dealer Expo takes place February 17-19, 2012, at the Indiana Convention Center, 1000 South Capitol Ave, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dealer Expo is open to qualified members of the powersports retail trade. For more information please visit www.dealerexpo.com.

About Del West Powersports

Del West Powersports services motorcycle and off-road professionals and enthusiasts with high-quality, titanium valvetrain components. Our engine parts power champions in Motocross, Supercross, MotoGP, and World Superbike, among others.

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