Wojtek Zolnowski


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Wojtek Zolnowski
Vice President, Engineering and Development, Del West Europe

Wotjek Zolnowski is the technical manager for Del West Europe. He is responsible for the R&D team, acquiring new technologies and products, and overseeing the roll-out of those products at Del West Europe.

Prior to joining Del West in 2000, Wojtek Zolnowski worked for five years for Peugeot Sport’s Formula One Engine Team in Paris, as the engineer responsible for research and development of innovations for the crankshaft and timing gears on Formula One V10 engines. From 1990 to 1994, he was a project leader, responsible for development of engine management components and fuel supply systems, at Siemens Automotive in Toulouse, France. And from 1982 to 1989 he worked as an engineer for Le Moteur Moderne, near Paris, in its Internal Combustion Engines Research and Application Laboratory.

Wojtek Zolnowski studied naval propulsion at the Shipbuilding Institute at Polytechnic of Gdansk, Poland. He also attended engineering school at the Conservatoire National des Arts at Metiers in Paris, receiving a degree in internal combustion engines.

Wojtek Zolnowski is married with three children. In his free time he likes to drive his Land Rover 90 off-road car.