“The most important quality a leader can have is courage – the courage to assess a situation, make a decision and move the company forward into the future.” – Al Sommer

pic_alsommerAl Sommer
Chairman and CEO, Del West Engineering, Inc.
Alfred W. Sommer is the chairman and CEO of Del West Engineering, Inc. Since 1974, he has directed its progress from a two-man engineering consultancy firm to a multi-national manufacturing corporation specializing in the production of high-end components for racing, aerospace, watches and other industries.
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MarkSommerMark Sommer
President, Del West USA and Vice President, Del West Engineering, Inc.
Mark Sommer is president of Del West USA and vice president of Del West Engineering, Inc. He manages all aspects of the company’s business in the United States, including sales, finance, operations and research and development. In addition, he sits on the Del West Engineering, Inc. Board of Directors.
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OlivierConneOlivier Conne
President, Del West Europe and vice president, Del West Engineering, Inc.
Olivier Conne is the managing director of Del West Europe and a vice president of Del West Engineering, Inc. Based at the Del West factory in Roche, Switzerland, Olivier Conne oversees all activities at Del West Europe. Additionally, as a corporate vice president, he helps direct the company’s strategic development.
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RosemarieChegwinRosemarie Chegwin
Vice President, administration, Del West USA
Rosemarie Chegwin is the vice president of administration for Del West USA. Chegwin, who launched Del West’s human resources department in 1999, oversees all leadership development, training, employee relations, compensation, benefits and incentive programs at the Valencia, Calif.-based engineering company. As part of the executive team, Chegwin is also instrumental in setting organization’s strategic goals.
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GuidoKeijzersGuido Keijzers
Vice President, engineering and development, Del West USA
Guido Keijzers is vice president of engineering and development at Del West USA. His responsibilities include supporting manufacturing operations with analytical laboratory operations, providing technical solutions, managing engineering operations and communicating with clients to achieve advancements in technology.
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Phil Martin
Sales Manager, Del West USA
Philip Martin is the sales manager for Del West USA. He is responsible for sales to NASCAR, Sprint Car, dirt late model and dirt modified race car engines, among others. He also maintains relationships with Del West distributors at home and abroad.
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Jean-Jacques Mourlon
Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Del West Europe
Jean-Jacques Mourlon is the sales manager for Del West Europe. As director, he represents and promotes the range of the company’s products and services across Europe.
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KennethPollackKenneth Polak
Controller, Del West USA
Kenneth Polak is the controller for Del West USA. He has been with the company since 2008, managing all things financial, including accounts payable and receivable, payroll, cash flow and profit-and-loss statements.
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BradTaflingerBrad Taflinger
Vice President, Operations, Del West USA
Brad Taflinger is vice president of operations at Del West USA. He oversees the factory and manages production, as well as supporting departments such as manufacturing engineering, quality engineering, prototype, maintenance and information management.
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WojtekZolnowskiWojtek Zolnowski
Vice President, Engineering and Development, Del West Europe
Wotjek Zolnowski is the technical manager for Del West Europe. He is responsible for the R&D team, acquiring new technologies and products, and overseeing the roll-out of those products at Del West Europe.
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