Crowds Healthy, Enthusiastic at Parts Peddler Show

Traffic was steady and enthusiastic at Del West’s Parts Peddler Show booth last week in Syracuse, New York.

“We saw a healthy cross section of racers, vintage car enthusiasts, engine builders and automotive enthusiasts,” said Phil Martin, sales manager for Del West USA.

Last year, Martin introduced the company’s fully CrN-coated valves, but he still gets a kick out of demonstrating their endurance to potential customers. At the 2012 show, he brought out a Del West titanium valve, fully coated in chromium nitrate, that’s run 20 races. “It still looks brand new,” he said. Then he let customers compare it to an uncoated valve that’s trashed after six races.

“They can see with their own eyes how the coating makes the valve last so much longer,” he said.

The Del West Parts Peddler booth featured the chromium-nitride-coated valves, as well as other Del West manufactured components such as retainers, locks and valve guides.

Parts Peddler celebrated its 33nd anniversary when it ran from November 16-18 at the New York State Fairgrounds. The event showcased manufacturers and other businesses related to big block modified cars and other forms of Northeast auto racing.

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